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CASPIAN EXPERT GROUP is a company providing services to property valuation. Our experts are assessing the property with the year 2000

WithCASPIAN EXPERT GROUP working more than 15 highly qualified appraisers, certified Azerbaijani and Latvian Association of Property Appraisers and assessors registered assistants who specialize in various areas of evaluation of property – real estate, personal property, antiques, as well as estimates of business (business) and intangible assets.

CASPIANEXPERTGROUPevaluates the property in accordance with Azerbaijan, European and international standards of property valuation.


  • Professionalism – Warranty

    CASPIAN EXPERT GROUP specializes in the valuation of property and is not engaged in the real estate business, mediation and providing loans to guarantee the objectivity and independence.

    Our company is included in the Register of Enterprises AR list of experts to assess the contribution of property in all categories of property valuation, including in the category of real estate, personal property, evaluation of business (business) and intellectual property.

  • Reliability

    on CASPIAN EXPERT GROUP can always rely on – whether to score an apartment or factory if the object is Baku or in any other city in the country – we provide a complete package of services throughout Azerbaijan, as well as outside it.

    Assessment of each type of property involved in the relevant department – Department estimates apartments and private homes, commercial property appraisal department, the department estimates of movable property and business valuation department. Due to its extensive network, CASPIAN EXPERT GROUP is able to offer its clients professional services throughout the territory of Azerbaijan.

  • Pricing

    Cost of property valuation depends on the amount of work required number of assessors and the urgency of the work. The assessment of standard objects are set standard rates, which you can find in the section “Price List” on our home page, as well as calling our office.

    In addition, ordering assessment of property in the CASPIAN EXPERT GROUP, you can order additional copies of the report of the assessment, you may need, such as for a number of different banks, so you can save the money that would have to spend to pay the work of one appraiser for a bank, and another appraiser – to another bank.

Evaluators CASPIAN EXPERT GROUPA regularly supplement their professional knowledge by taking part in seminars organized by the Azerbaijan Association of Property Appraisers.